Wound down the window,

15 Sep

and listened.

Listened, to the sound of allahuakbar and sami’allahu liman hamidah and assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah.

Listened, from the driver’s seat, how peaceful the imam’s voice was.

Listened, to the wirid and du’a after the prayer ended, and put my hands together, whispering ‘ameen’. 

Listened, and when everything ended, I rolled the windows back up and continued driving past the masjid. 

I guess I miss jemaah prayers a lot. 

I guess, even though I’m kind of having a low-iman attack right now, deep within I still love chances to be close to my God.

Thank you, God. Thank you for still loving me and for letting me feel a moment of peace even though I wasn’t in the condition to join them praying.

Even though I’m far…. from you.

Thank you. 


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