29 Sep


Little me hated the yellow antibiotics.

Just seeing it made me cringe inside. It was huge and pungent-smelling and there’s no way in the world I’d swallow it. Sometimes mum broke the pills into two, sometimes she crushed and mixed them with Milo just so they could get in my system. Sometimes I threw tantrums, really creepy tantrums, not willing to gulp those. Sometimes mum threw threats: if I don’t eat em, I’d be warded. Hambik kau terus makan lol.

A sick child was already difficult to handle, but a whiny, stubborn sick child was beyond insufferable. Twice I got infected, twice mum had to bear with my antics.



Know what’s funny?

The grown up me still hates it with a remarkable yuck.

Takmau takmau takmau.

Some things never change, eh?


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Posted by on September 29, 2011 in cloudy mind, old memory box, random in life


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