02 Oct

Today I woke up feeling healthy and a hundred times better than yesterday! Yay! :D :D :D Thought I should go shopping for groceries today :D I’ve been wanting to try out new recipes just because I’m in kitchen-oriented mood and I have too much free time at hand. According to original plan, my super-long break is supposed to be filled with religious talks, Quran classes and martial arts classes, but it’s okay, these could wait :) I don’t plan to take sewing classes tho, though my mum has been poisoning my mind with the benefits of owning such skill. But who knows – perhaps I’d change my mind? Hoho.

Teringat Im cakap dulu: 

Im: Blaja la masak. Nanti dah ada family kau nak bagi diorang makan apa? Takkan makan luar je kot.

Me: Seriously, who wants to marry me? I doubt anyone can handle my attitude. Plus aku kena bagi healthy betul-betul dulu apa-apa pun, aku ni illness-prone je memanjang. Hoho. Tarak tarak nobody would want to marry me, takyah blaja masak. 

Im: …………..banyak cakap, blaja je laaaaah.

Me: …………banyak cakap, habis kau tau masak apa?

Im: Sardin.


Ehem. Tapi tu dulu.

Sekarang aku dan dia sama-sama sedang menuju ke arah menjadi wanita sejati. Boleh jadi skill memasak aku lebih terer dari dia muahahah XD

Anyways, I thought minggu ni I should try these:

  • Butter Prawn 

  • Two-Cheese Sandwich (senang je tapi nak kena beli Gouda cheese)

  • Pear/Apple and Cinnamon Popovers (macam comel je tengok the buns ‘membesar’ XD)
  • Oreo and Yoghurt Baby Cheesecake
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Apple Upside-Down Biscuit Cake
  • Scottish Shortbread
  • Blueberry Crumble Muffins
  • Spicy Chicken with Cashew
  • Beef and Cream Cheese Lasagna (yang tak jadi but Sabtu lepas sebab mogok hahah)
  • Lemon and Rosemary Grilled Chicken

Oh, and I want to try masak lemak pucuk paku macam yang Atuk cakap tu. I know how to make pucuk manis je – the usual kuah warna putih, letak keledek apa semua tu. Pucuk paku tak pernah la lagi buat. But I know the colour is yellowish sebab ada kunyit, tu je. And of course no keledek. For some unknown reason terasa macam nak kena buat je……………….

Anyhow, I should make use of what’s in the fridge for lunch before I go out and buy groceries nak buat segala benda kat list atas tu. There’s bawal thawed in the sink, I’m debating whether to make bawal kukus or bawal sweet and sour. And I should cook some sayur too^^

Enough rambling. Pegi masak la~

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