Damansara, atau Kemboja.

24 Oct

Entah apa kebaikan yang aku buat sampai dapat tawaran rezeki berganda hari ni. Am I not kejam, keji, selfish segala bagai? Terasa malu dengan Allah bila Allah murahkan rezeki dengan cara yang tak disangka-sangka. Ya Allah, ampunkan Aika. Despite my disobedience, You still have mercy and compassion upon me. T_T Alhamdulillah, ya Allah…

Okay. Think, Aika, think.

Working under Acik versus travelling with Maklang.

Three months of work versus five days of escape.

Making money versus spending money.

Secara jujurnya, both offers learning experience. If I take up that offer to work under Acik, then I’d learn a lot of things. There are lots of things to be learned and acquired, and I should keep in mind that it won’t be a bed of roses. I’d have to really learn in a short time and prove my worth. Let’s be ready for mocks (since I don’t have a pretty face or a tv-worth body because let’s face it, I’m not size S, and I’m just somebody yang ada foundation level education and I haven’t yet done my degree and of course, the way I wear my tudung. Not to mention other possible situations that can arise once I start working.) Let’s be ready for so many obstacles and hard work. 

About Campuchea, well, I’ve always loved travelling. Doesn’t matter where, I just love the experience. There’s just a lot to be discovered. Different way of lives, different thinking, different attitude. Komuniti yang berbeza mengajar kita lesson yang berbeza. Komuniti yang sengsara akibat perang tetapi jiwa besar dan penuh, komuniti yang hebat dan maju tetapi kosong nilai, komuniti yang pernah dikagumi tapi sekarang hancur semua – there’s always a lot of exciting twist and lessons. Always akan ada new moral values masuk dalam otak, all of which help my brain develop and give me a wider perspective about life. Makin banyak perjalanan, makin luas scope kehidupan, makin matang dan terbuka otak berfikir. Otak tak akan jadi warped dengan konsep hidup yang diamalkan oleh satu-satu komuniti dan bangsa je. Nak bagi contoh, banyak je. Ambik sikit value bangsa ni, ambik sikit value community tu, and voila. You get your own cocktail of untypical Malay thinking, your own personal way. 

Sekarang, it’s all up to me. 

Both are ways to learn and grow up and mature myself.

Both are golden opportunities which I fully approach with a carpe diem attitude. 

But I can only choose one. Peluang kerja yang unik tu takkan datang dua kali, dan peluang nak travel tu kalau datang lagi pun, time tu dah degree. Dah takda free time. Dan takda sapa boleh buat group.


Make a wise choose, girl. :)

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