So, here’s to money spent.

27 Feb

Who could’ve guessed I’d actually pursue this hobby after shrugging it off lotsa times? It was back in Form 4 or 5, I think, that I first heard the word lomo. Still remember the vivid blue photo in that Utusan Malaysia article. But I was a permanently broke high school student; there was no way I could consider lomo a hobby. Violin  had always burned whatever little money I’d saved. =____=

Fast forward to a fortnight ago when atuk mentioned about lomo. I raised an eyebrow. Seriously, atuk? Lomo? I thought I was the one with the leftover hipster effect. Lending a hand researching on his new-found craze, I kinda rekindled mine. Why not, eh? I battled the idea of waiting for another few months or just go straight for it – in the end my carpe diem attitude won, as always, so yep – just go for it!

And so I searched and browsed through countless pages and albums online, finally coming up with a pretty long list of under RM500 analogue cams. Asked opinions as well (thanks Asyraf!). I’d always fancied Rollei 35, but last I remembered it was really cruel to the pocket, thus my squeal when I noticed the price is now under budget. Yeah! Gotta love the vignette effect, really. A few of Leica made it in my list; there’s something about the pictures I couldn’t quite pinpoint but struck me as cool. I considered Gakkenflex for a while, but then decided against. Lubitel 166b out as well, considering the 120mm films. NeinGrenze seemed cool at first, but perhaps I don’t really fancy tilt shift enough, and it seems hard to master. And why are there always this permanent blue/green cast on the photos?

Lomo LC-A was definitely in the list, but as soon as I knew the price…………… uh. Another two hundred and I’d have Fujifilm Natura Classica. La Sardina Belle Starr is reaaaaaaally beautiful design-wise (ex-hipster in me resurfaced eh?), but the price was the same as LC-A. Goodbye, you two. I won’t buy such expensive things.

Then there’s Vivitar UWS, now replicated as Superheadz UWS, doesn’t matter. Compared it with La Sardina and had a hard time making up my mind between these two. I thought Vivitar produces a stronger vignette, but I took a look at a few photo comparisons and it seems like the sardine cans actually won. But the UWS’s plastic lens made pretty, pretty lense flares. But the sardines are more capable than the uws. But the Vivitar focuses more. But sardine fish and its bulb and its Fritz flash… But uws can’t take long/multiple exposures like sardines can…

…but I can’t get over the pretty lens flares. :'(

So what on earth, pretty uws lens flares it is.

But since the Superheadz only cost me a hundred bucks and that + Volvox + Rasp + postage only amounted to RM177, greedy Aika suddenly felt the urge for another camera that can actually take nice long exposure shots. How could I not be? Dad donated two hundred bucks, there’s still some left.(Dad, if I could courier my cooking or biskut Labuan to you I would.) And this month’s allowance was hardly touched. Muehehehehehe. Hence the Smena 35, an addition of only RM170. Nope, doesn’t burn my pocket… yet. And I was close to buying sardines plus Fritz flash – RM438. Buying two cameras under sardine price is way too irresistible. And the cherry on top: I bought Redscale XR and Fine Colour 100 with my money without having to use my money. ;p

Next round of savings, I’d venture them into TLRs. Maybe that Lubitel after all. But for now, I’m content with these two. :D Okay now please find the notes about photographing rules Puan Jamy and Abang Haidar taught during my BJ-ing days. I only remember the rule of thirds hahah! Sorry I’m outta work~ >///<

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