01 Apr
If it’s my cheeky banters you remember,
then I shall stop and say few.
If it’s my eyes you can’t forget,
then I shall look away, and turn my directions.
If it’s my sunshine smiles you miss,
Then I shall have my face hidden.
If it’s my talents you seek,
then I shall kill them and chances.
If it’s my intellect you deem at waste,
Then I shall waste it for real and play dumb.
As much as you regret my decisions
As much as I hoped I don’t have to live with the consequences with my decisions
I know I won’t have it any other way.
I do yearn
being part of that world again
feeling at home again
like I was born for it
like I was destined for it
as much as I do
I would not tolerate, being part of them again.
I would not tolerate, the same mistakes again.
I would never have the strength to forgive myself the second time.
I would never live.
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Posted by on April 1, 2012 in cloudy mind


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