The many uses of cases and articles in a law student’s life.

22 Jun

Purpose #1: Gives off the effect that you speak multiple languages.

“Yo, kalau past consideration cuba kau bukak Guthrie Waugh Bhd v Malaiappan Muthucumaru. Kan dia guna Section 2(d), ambik je la.”

“…tanggachi, aku aa, tengah baca aa, K Murugesu v Nadarajah la tanggachi. Aamma. Ille.” *sambil golek2 kepala*

“Tak booley tak booley. Vyramuttu v State of Pahang!”

“Apaa daa….. MN Guha Majunder!” *dengan slang tamil habis*

“Ok ok, Mohori Bibee v Dhurmodas Ghose jugak la anney~” 

“Ngahahhaaa…. Abdullah Bajerai v Sockalingam Chettiar!”

“….wei, tu MLS lah! Bukan contract!”


Purpose #2: Sebagai panduan hidup.

“Laa… why aren’t you answering my calls or texts? Are you mad or something?”

“Okay camni la. You’re Article 13, I’m Article 5. We don’t get along. We CAN’T get along.”


“Article 5, liberty of the person. That’s me. I’m single. I can go anywhere, do anything I want. But you’re no longer Article 5. You’re Article 13, rights to property. You’re married, and I’m not going to risk a friendship that could mess with someone else’s property.”



Purpose #3: As a substitute to four-letter words.

Situation: Tapau-ing nasi bungkus from DC for your iftar, only to discover that your telur masin dah berulat…

…and this is what you say when you go berserk.




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