cukup la.

27 Jun

True, my mind rationalized that I should stop hoping. In fact, I did. I stopped. I let it be.

Tapi tak bermakna bila sebut pasal tu, hati tak tersiat. Doesn’t mean I smile over the phone. Doesn’t mean my tears don’t flow while you’re rambling.

Aika dah cakap, stop.

Sebab Aika dah stop. I hope for no one. Nothing. No anything. Tak ada. Aika dah stop usaha. Aika dah terima the fact that all my efforts went straight to the drain. Just go on with my studies and jadi lah whatever crap pun.

Aika dah stop.

So kenapa nak kena cakap benda yang seksa Aika jugak?

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Posted by on June 27, 2012 in cloudy mind


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