Heroes – The Rightly Guided Caliphs

05 Oct



This is the third installation of the Heroes series. So far, the Heroes programme is very, very beneficial and uplifting and enlightening and makes you reflect on yourself and strive to make yourself a better Muslim. 

For this series however…… whyyyyyyyyyyyyy is it on Fridays. I have tasmi’ on Fridays. Theoretically I can’t go :'(

But practically…

…I can queue up and I can volunteer to be the first student to recite my memorization (yang sangatlah tak seberapa………) and then I can ruuuuuun to Kuliyyah of Laws and then I can listen to the talk. Regardless lah halfway pun halfway lah kan.


1. Rugi kalau rakan-rakan mahupun keluarga anda menyarankan agar anda apply UIA, tapi anda ego tidak mahu menerima cadangan mereka – because there are so many majlis ilmu dan kelas skill-skill tertentu kat sini that after 4 years, insyaAllah you would grow up a better and all-rounded Muslim. 

2. Sangat rugi kalau anda menerima tawaran UIA dan anda tolak. Seriously you have no idea what you miss.

3. Teramatlah rugi kalau anda sudah menjadi warga UIA dan anda setakat pergi lecture, balik lecture, lepak bilik/keluar bersuka ria di shopping complex. Teramat rugi sampai takda kata-kata yang boleh menggambarkan tahap kerugian tu. :'(

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